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I’m grateful each time clients take the time to recount their positive experiences. Testimonials give prospective clients a sense of the service and professionalism I offer. Please take time to read the following:

"Chris has exceeded our expectations with all of our insurance needs. He is always able to help with specific questions and requests as they arise with our growing family, and gets back to us immediately when contacted for advice. His knowledge and professionalism in advising which policies were best for our family at this stage in our lives were appreciated, and saved us time and money. With 3 young girls and being in our thirties, it's comforting to know Chris has us covered in all types of emergencies that could arise. We would recommend Chris to anyone!"

Andrea and Mike H.

Just a short note to say Thanks for getting back to me so quickly, glad, happy and proud that you are my Ins. "go to guy" Thanks again. A happy Customer,

Fred B.

Thanks for taking the time to review our policies yesterday. (My husband) and I both felt much better and of course the review of the finances is so helpful.

I took the time to read your personal website and I think you are doing a great job of what you say is important to you. At every point in the conversation, I thought you were listening and reflecting our thoughts and aspirations. It is a pleasure to work with someone who doesn’t regurgitate the policies and actually encourages us to use our money to fulfil our dreams and needs.

It was a pleasure meeting you and when I speak to my friends about our meeting; I will definitely recommend you.

Kathy S.

I have had the privilege of obtaining Chris's services for a couple of years now, and my investments have been growing nicely. I have always hesitated and disliked dealing with money and Chris has taken the time to explain it all to me in baby steps. Chris listen's to my current concerns and needs while always looking after my future. I have found Chris to be personable, knowledgeable and timely in his responses to my questions.

J.Isabel F.
St. Marys

It gives me great pleasure to write a recommendation for Chris. He has been my financial advisor for the past few years. In this period, I have benefited from his advice and expertise. I never hesitate to contact Chris about any matter related to finance, and he consistently provides timely and expert advice.

Chris worked with me -- a financial novice -- to create a customized plan which met my short and long term goals. We have moved ahead systemically to operationalize the plan, and the results to date have been phenomenal. Chris never hesitates to "push the envelope" and raise my awareness of financial tools and resources that are available to me.

Chris is ethical, professional, knowledgeable and just a pleasure to work with. Many thanks, a job well done!

Justine J.

Chris is an excellent Life Insurance Advisor. He is personable, professional and very detailed oriented. I have worked with Chris over the last year and its a pleasure to do business with him.

Julaine N.