Complementary Healthcare

Main Features

  • Complementary healthcare insurance generally covers the reimbursement of hospital fees and related services and equipment not covered by provincial health insurance plans, notably
    • Hospitalization in a semi-private room
    • Nursing and ambulance technician services
    • Therapeutic equipment, i.e., shoes, prostheses
    • Professional healthcare services, i.e., physiotherapy, chiropracty, homeopathy, psychology, etc.
    • Medical related fees
    • Dental fees
    • Other
  • Certain products also cover the reimbursement of prescription drugs and dental care.
  • This type of insurance is generally combined with other types of life and health insurance, but may also be purchased separately.

Major advantages

  • A good add-on to provincial health insurance plans.
  • Coverage provides access to a vast range of healthcare services, specialized care, and special treatments.
  • Especially attractive to people not covered by a group insurance plan and to the self-employed.

Attention: The above text is of general nature and is intended for explanatory purpose only. Each of the products described above has its own specific features. Moreover, only the product contracts contain the complete terms and conditions as well as restrictions and exclusions to which they are subject.