Investment and Saving


Growth calculator - Shows the growth of a lump sum or periodic investment over a given number of years. You choose the rate of return, inflation rate, and tax rate.

Spend and save calculator - Calculates the amount of savings by cutting back or reducing various types of spending. Expenses on items, such as 'dining out', entertainment, or impulse purchase, can significantly increase savings, year over year.

Financial Planning

Advantage of Early Investing - Learn the importance of investing early and on a regular basis.

Investment & Regular Deposit - See how your one time investment or regular deposit program will grow over the years.

Investment & Regular Withdrawal - Calculate the regular income stream generated by your non-registered investment.

RESP Calculator - Discover how much your money can grow in an RESP with the added contributions from the Canadian Education Savings Grant. This tool also helps you figure out how much you will need to save for your children's education.